00. BEK141STD - MGB Front Suspension Kit

00. BEK141STD - MGB Front Suspension Kit
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This BEK141STD - MGB front suspension kit is suitable for all MGB models fitted with a front anti-roll bar, this kit contains everything required to completely replace your lower wishbone assemblies.

This is exactly what you get :-

2 x AAA1326 Rear Wishbone Arms

1 x AHH5927 RH Front Wishbone Arm

1 x AHH5929 LH Front Wishbone Arm

2 x AHH5925 Wishbone Pans

6 x GHF103 Screws

6 x GHF332 Spring Washers

6 x GHF201 Nuts

8 x AHH7933 Wishbone Bushes

2 x AHH4003 Wishbone Pivots

8 x BTB198 Pivot Retaining Bolts

8 x GHF333 Spring Washers

4 x GHF223 Nyloc Nuts

4 x GHF202 Plain Nuts

4 x AAA1330 Pivot Washers

4 x NL608041 Slotted Nuts

4 x GHF504 Split Pins

1 x AHH6343A R/H Drop Link

1 x AHH6344A L/H Drop Link

2 x 1G4349 Top Trunnion Bolts

2 X GHF334 Spring Washers

2 x NL607041 Slotted Nuts

2 x GHF502 Split Pins

4 x 8G621Z Top Trunnion Bushes

2 x BHH1773K Lower Trunnion Kits

2 x AHH6514K Front Bumpstop Kits

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